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Doctrines of the humanist religion – conclusion

Almost everything that a man does is governed by his religious beliefs, even when he professes to have no religion at all! There is within each human a hunger that compels him to seek for answers about his existence. Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? He needs to find some kind of answer to these questions to make sense out of his life and those answers, whatever they may be, are his religion.  This religion becomes the reference point for the choices and decisions that guide his life.

There are a few in this world with a genuinely God centred religion. They are the ones who, from the depths of their being, acknowledge God as Creator, Saviour and Lord. All others, whether they call themselves Christians, Muslims, Hindus, pagans, atheists, philosophers, or whatever, are adherents of a man centred religion. The two are mutually exclusive, No one is neutral.

God centred religion is a narrow way – all must enter through the same gate of repentance and self-denial, accept the same truth, be led of the same Spirit, have the same love, the same hope. The man centred religion offers a way that is broad enough to accommodate everyone else, even seeming at times to lead its adherents in opposite directions, yet eventually bringing all to the same destination.

This is the humanist religion. Its foundation is self. On this foundation there is found an such an amazing variety of colourful and dazzling structures that we must admit ts powerful appeal to our human nature. Almost everyone we meet is a missionary of this religion. The businesses and banks we deal with, the newspapers, magazines and advertisements that we read, all try to entice us to join this religion. It is the natural religion of man. Yet this whole magnificent structure is built over the pit of hell and its foundation is rotten.

How different the foundation of the God centred religion – the safe, solid, eternal Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ. How flimsy those dazzling structures appear beside the true Christian religion, the faith once delivered to the saints, coming down from God in heaven to every one who truly repents and surrenders all he has to  the loving Father.

May we like Elisha be able to see the armies of heaven and know that “they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” If we are on the Rock, all the hosts of heaven are on our side.

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