Sweeter as the years go by

The message on the card that Chris gave me yesterday morning went like this: With the help of God's love and graceWe've built a pretty sweet life together-One blessing at a time.© Dayspring Cards I like that much better than the card I gave her, for it is only by the love and grace of … Continue reading Sweeter as the years go by

Balm in Gilead

My mother's father was a member of the Sommerfelder Mennonite Church, one of those groups that seeks to protect its members from the evils of the surrounding world by maintaining a different language. Grandpa was already hemmed in by his visual impairment, perhaps that led him to take more interest in the people he met. … Continue reading Balm in Gilead


Unlike one of my blogging friends, I did not decide to take a break from writing. It just happened, The pain came unannounced, unexpected, uninvited. I think it began as kidney stones, bringing severe pain, a UTI, nausea, vomiting and other unpleasant side effects. I had a couple of overnight stays in the hospital and … Continue reading Uninvited

Bad choices, happy ending

We left home yesterday morning for a shopping trip to Saskatoon, fully aware of the forecast of an Alberta Clipper, a fast moving winter storm that would pass through this area in the afternoon. The forecast of the time and the area affected were still a little vague in the morning and we though we … Continue reading Bad choices, happy ending

Best wishes for 2022

Image by MegLearner from Pixabay  It was -35° yesterday evening. The brightness of the lights began to fluctuate around 11 PM and at 11:30 the electricity went out altogether. I started a fire in our wood stove (which doesn't look quite as nice as the one in the picture) and we entered 2022 to its warm glow. The … Continue reading Best wishes for 2022

I’m still waiting for the police to come

I received a phone call today from the Canadian Border Services Agency informing me that there was a warrant out for my arrest, due to the discovery of forbidden items in a package addressed to me. I received the same call yesterday, and the day before, just about every day for the past two months … Continue reading I’m still waiting for the police to come

The other epidemic

Image by picman2 from Pixabay  There is an epidemic stalking our land, people are dying, others are left incapable of working or maintaining relationships. No, I’m not talking about COVID, this is an epidemic that was around before COVID and will probably still be afflicting people long after COVID is gone. Since this epidemic only affects people hooked … Continue reading The other epidemic

COVID confusion

The people who are opposed to the COVID vaccines point to the fact that vaccinated people are getting COVID anyway. That's true, but it doesn't tell the whole story. The statistics here in Saskatchewan show that if you're not vaccinated you are five times as apt to get the disease and 20 times as apt … Continue reading COVID confusion

Have you ever seen it this hot?

The high today was 40°. That is 104° on the Fahrenheit scale. Someone asked me the question above. Well yes I have, I remember a family picnic 70 years ago when the temperature hit 105° F. I was shirtless much of the day and got quite a sunburn, but I survived that and other weather … Continue reading Have you ever seen it this hot?