The dark side of beauty

Image by Petra from Pixabay  There is nothing more beautiful than a sunny winter morning when every tree branch, every weed and every wire is coated with sparling, dazzling diamonds. No man-made beauty comes close to matching such a display. Last week we had mild days with fog and hardly a breeze. In the night, the fog would … Continue reading The dark side of beauty

How come our mothers didn’t know about bay spinach?

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay  My mother grew spinach in the garden, picked and boiled the mature leaves and served them with dinner. They were wonderfully nutritious, she said, but I thought they tasted awful. She also grew iceberg lettuce and served it in salads. Now, iceberg lettuce has approximately the same nutritious value as a paper towel, … Continue reading How come our mothers didn’t know about bay spinach?

Chicken Little meets Petit Poulet

While browsing the internet this morning I discovered an updated version of Petit Poulet (that's the French name for Chicken Little). In this version, Petit Poulet is having his breakfast of toast and coffee when he reads an online news item saying "Le ciel est en train de tomber!" (Th sky is falling!) He quickly … Continue reading Chicken Little meets Petit Poulet

How I spent Christmas day

The night before Christmas we were visited by an Alberta Clipper, a fast moving snowstorm. When I got up in the morning I could see that more snow had fallen in the night, but it didn't look like a lot, I didn't see any major snowdrifts in the white landscape. I didn't think I had … Continue reading How I spent Christmas day

Hibernation aspiration

It's -40° this morning, no need to qualify it with a C or an F, this is the point where the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales meet. It is on mornings like this that I begin to understand why bears hibernate. It seems so inviting to go back to bed and sleep until spring. But I … Continue reading Hibernation aspiration

The best laid plans . . .

There is a wedding planned at our church today. The bride is from here, the groom from Manitoba. It was going to take a lot of planning to find seating for the 450 guests that are expected in a church that seats a maximum of 200. The overflow would have to be seated in the … Continue reading The best laid plans . . .

Fast time follies

It is generally admitted that the theoretical benefits of setting clocks to an hour earlier during the summer months have never worked out in practice. But it's a habit that's hard to kick. Kind of like smoking; many governments say the want to quit, they are going to quit, but they can't quite get themselves … Continue reading Fast time follies

Its the first day of the week….

Thank you Adam for this straightforward and Biblically sound explanation of the Sabbath.

The Weavers Shuttle


We generally think of Sunday as the last day of the “weekend”. On the calendar it is the first day of the week. It was observed by the early Christian as a day of rest and worship. It is not a “left over” from the sabbath. It is not a replacement for the Sabbath. The Old Testament sabbath was a foreshadow of the “Sabbath” we find in Christ, the Messiah, fulfilled by Jesus.

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (Exodus 20:8) is oft quoted for a reason to refrain from working and doing business on Sunday. I am unaware of any New Testament commands teaching on keeping the Sabbath. I am afraid some professing Christians are honoring the “letter of the law” but missing the “rest” that is found in Christ… the “sabbath” of our dispensation.

Sabbath; From a Hebrew word meaning…

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Why do the days go by so quickly in summer?

Here on the prairies, winter days are very short, less than 8 hours between dawn and dusk. Yet those days just seem to drag on. Now it is summer, almost a month since the summer solstice, and we still have more than 16 hours between dawn and dusk. And, being that we are on the … Continue reading Why do the days go by so quickly in summer?