The solution for the Indian problem

I first wrote this article some years ago. Indian is no longer a politically correct term for Canada's indigenous population but due to the historical context I thought it best to leave it as I wrote it. Starting in 1701, the British government made treaties with the Indians living in Canada. They were open-ended arrangements, … Continue reading The solution for the Indian problem

A tree falls on the prairie

One hundred years ago, settlers came to the flatlands of Saskatchewan. No need for axes and saws to fell trees, just a team of oxen and a plough to turn the virgin sod and prepare it for a first crop. Of course, the lack of trees also meant a lack of building materials, so the … Continue reading A tree falls on the prairie

God has been good to me

The image below, known as an Amsler grid, is a test for macular degeneration. Look at the dot in the centre of the grid with one eye and then the other. The lines should all be straight. If they are not, you should make an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as possible. For … Continue reading God has been good to me

Hitherto hath the LORD helped us

Those words from 1 Samuel 7:12 came to me as we were listening to the young people singing from the church conference. A word of explanation is needed here, the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite holds a general conference about every seven to ten years. The 2022 conference is underway now at Tupelo, Mississippi … Continue reading Hitherto hath the LORD helped us

What is wrong with the world?

I have arrived at the sad conclusion the the greatest problem in the world today is Christians who have a lot to say about what is wrong with the world and very little to say about what is right with God. We have been hiding the light under a bushel for so long that the … Continue reading What is wrong with the world?

We still need the ambulance down in the valley

Image by Gianni Crestani from Pixabay  Every time there is a disaster, someone will say “there oughta be a law” to prevent such mayhem from ever happening again.  Governments are happy to oblige, but is there any evidence the laws are helping? A poem that was often recited in the Christian school which my daughter attended was about … Continue reading We still need the ambulance down in the valley

Strong leaders and feeble followers

A dynamic leader, solidly grounded in the Scriptures and with a vision of how the gospel should be lived and shared for this particular group of Christians in this particular place, captures the loyalty of his congregation by the clarity and strength of his conviction. He plans, organizes, tells, and the congregation does as they … Continue reading Strong leaders and feeble followers

The best laid plans . . .

There is a wedding planned at our church today. The bride is from here, the groom from Manitoba. It was going to take a lot of planning to find seating for the 450 guests that are expected in a church that seats a maximum of 200. The overflow would have to be seated in the … Continue reading The best laid plans . . .

Fast time follies

It is generally admitted that the theoretical benefits of setting clocks to an hour earlier during the summer months have never worked out in practice. But it's a habit that's hard to kick. Kind of like smoking; many governments say the want to quit, they are going to quit, but they can't quite get themselves … Continue reading Fast time follies

Its the first day of the week….

Thank you Adam for this straightforward and Biblically sound explanation of the Sabbath.

The Weavers Shuttle


We generally think of Sunday as the last day of the “weekend”. On the calendar it is the first day of the week. It was observed by the early Christian as a day of rest and worship. It is not a “left over” from the sabbath. It is not a replacement for the Sabbath. The Old Testament sabbath was a foreshadow of the “Sabbath” we find in Christ, the Messiah, fulfilled by Jesus.

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (Exodus 20:8) is oft quoted for a reason to refrain from working and doing business on Sunday. I am unaware of any New Testament commands teaching on keeping the Sabbath. I am afraid some professing Christians are honoring the “letter of the law” but missing the “rest” that is found in Christ… the “sabbath” of our dispensation.

Sabbath; From a Hebrew word meaning…

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