In Memory of Jay Bullock

My wife and I used to be part of a small congregation in a little village north of Saskatoon. The biggest event of the year for this congregation was the Vacation Bible School that took place in our village and in a much larger nearby town (a suburb of Saskatoon). This program had been going … Continue reading In Memory of Jay Bullock

The fear virus

I recently came across a message that was sent to me two years ago. It quoted a "world renowned immunologist" who warned that the COVID vaccines were designed to wipe out the majority of the human population. Most would die within two years of receiving the vaccine, sooner if they had booster shots. I had … Continue reading The fear virus

Quench not the Spirit

I am old enough to remember the Jesus People movement and I believe that it was in a large part a genuine work of the Holy Spirit. Young people who were disillusioned with the empty formality of the older generation’s religion and disappointed by the empty promises of the hippie movement found what their hearts … Continue reading Quench not the Spirit

Further thoughts on praying in Jesus’ name

I have heard individuals from a number of denominations end their prayers with “in thy name, Amen.” None of those denominations teach that this is an acceptable way of ending a prayer, so where does this phrase come from? I have not found a clear answer to this question, but have come across the thought … Continue reading Further thoughts on praying in Jesus’ name

In the Name of Jesus Christ

The Weavers Shuttle

At times we hear prayers ended with, “We pray in Thy name.” Whom are we praying to-the Father or Jesus? When we are praying to the Father, our only access “password” is Jesus Christ. If we say “in Thy name,” implying God’s name, we are in essence praying to the Father in His name. Often this may be a matter of word articulation but let us ponder on what we are actually saying.

It is customary and scriptural that Christians greet each other in the name of Jesus and that we close our prayers with “in the name of Jesus.” We are instructed by scripture to do so. “At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you” (John 16:26). These are Jesus’ words referring to Himself.

What is the name of Jesus? Are we referring to…

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Me? Prejudiced? How is that possible?

Fady Dagher was born in Lebanon, grew up in Cote d'Ivoire and came to Canada as a young man. He was a police officer in the city of Montreal for many years and a few years ago was hired as chief of police for the city of Longueil. A couple of months ago he became … Continue reading Me? Prejudiced? How is that possible?

A story about the devil

Chicken Little had finished her breakfast, poured herself a coffee and opened her laptop to check the news. Soon her eyes lit on a frightening headline: THE SKY IS FALLING! The story cited a number of scientific research papers, explained by important scientists. Chicken Little's anxiety increased as she read. Finally she could sit no … Continue reading A story about the devil

Why do I fear to speak the name of Jesus?

Am I a soldier of the cross,A follower of the Lamb?And shall I fear to own His cause,Or blush to speak His name? Isaac Watts, 1674-1748 There must have been people even 300 years ago who considered themselves followers of Jesus but were very circumspect about mentioning His name. Why are we like that? Are … Continue reading Why do I fear to speak the name of Jesus?

The Call to Follow – Book Review

Richard Langer and Joanne J. Jung have put their finger on one of the major causes of the ineffectiveness of Christian outreach and Christian organizations: everybody believes they are called to be a leader. They show how this belief is unbiblical and ineffective and urge us to replace it with the desire to be followers … Continue reading The Call to Follow – Book Review