My day so far

9:00    check weather – forecast of 10 -15 cm snow, winds 40 gusting to 60 km/h
9:30    wife leaves for city just as snow begins to fall
9:35    start work – day’s plan is to catch up on filing
9:45    cat #3 wants out – open door, watch as he assesses the situation and turns around, close door
9:50    back to work
10:00    pet cat #3 who is bugging me
10:05    back to work
10:10    check weather again
10:15    pet cat #3 who has jumped up on my lap, then wandered over desk
10:20    back to work
10:30    pet cat#3 who is bugging me
10:35    back to work
10:45    comb cat #1, the big fluffy one
10:50    wash hands, open bag of chips, try to go back to work
10:55    give kitty treats to cat #3 who thinks every rustle of a bag means treats for him
11:00    back to work
11:10    pet cat #3 who is bugging me
11:15    back to work
11:30    check weather and roads, not good
11:35    pet cat #3 who is bugging me
11:40    back to work
11:55    pet cat #3 who is bugging me
12:00    give kitty treats to cats #1 & 3
12:05    back to work
12:15    pet cat #3 who is bugging me
12:20    back to work
12:30    wife calls, leaving city for home
12:35    make sandwich and eat it
12:45    check weather and roads again, getting worse
12:50    back to work
12:55    pet cat #3 who is bugging me
1:00     back to work
1:15     clean snow off steps and walk
1:20    back to work
1:30    wife is home
1:35    all 3 cats are sleeping peacefully and I can go back to work

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