Truth and reality

In simple terms, truth is something that we trust in and base our lives upon. Reality is what others see from the way we live. Is there a gap between what we say we believe to be true and what is revealed by the choices we make in life?

We say we are saved by faith, not by works — would others say we that we seem to be afraid that something terrible will happen of we don’t do things just right?

We say that we love our neighbours as ourselves — are there people that we just can’t seem to stand?

We say that we trust in the Lord to look after our material needs and we don’t have treasures here on earth — does it look like that to other people?

We say that we are humble people — how do we react when people criticize something we have said or done?

We say that we respect those in authority — how often are we heard making critical remarks or telling jokes about them?

What does our reality show say about what we really believe to be truth?

The same question applies to those who say that they believe there is no meaning to life, that we are just random blobs of protoplasm that appeared by chance and there is no purpose or consequences to what we do. Do they live like there is no meaning or purpose for the choices they make? What about the things that other people do that affect them?

3 thoughts on “Truth and reality

  1. I would say this is quite a philosophy to Truth and Reality to me. You have great perspective thoughts towards life. I like all those “sensitive” questions in your blog. Though some of them I can’t answer myself.:-)

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