The Sabbath: rest for the body or for the soul?

Philo of Alexandria, defending Jews from Roman accusations of laziness because of their strict observation of the Sabbath, wrote: “On this day we are commanded to abstain from all work, not because the law inculcates slackness. . . . Its object is rather to give man relaxation from continuous and unending toil and by refreshing … Continue reading The Sabbath: rest for the body or for the soul?

Doctrines of the humanist religion

1.  Nothing is real that cannot be understood by the human mind. People choose to believe in spirits, magic, witchcraft, astrology, scientific theories or various "holy books." These are merely attempts to fit all things seen and experienced into a framework that appears to give a logical explanation for every detail and event. I may … Continue reading Doctrines of the humanist religion


Courtesy and courtship are derived from the same root word and both convey the idea of trying to please someone else.  All other things being equal, the business that will thrive is the one that greets and serves its customers with genuine warmhearted courtesy. On a trip some years ago, we stopped for gas around … Continue reading Courtesy

Vinnie and Minnie are asked a question

[This is part of a larger story, which hasn't been written yet.  So I ask you, my dear readers, is it worth writing more of the saga of Vinnie and Minnie?] Vinnie and Minnie had been faithful members of the Coulee Bend Assembly of Spirit-Filled Conservative Christians for several years now.  When brother Harmon began … Continue reading Vinnie and Minnie are asked a question

Separate from the world

The text which follows is a very much abridged excerpt from J. C. Ryle's Practical Christianity, which was first published in 1867.  John Charles Ryle (1816-1900) was a leader of the evangelical wing of the Church of England, and bishop of Liverpool from 1880 to 1900. The subject perhaps was never more important than it … Continue reading Separate from the world

The destructive power of envy

Back in the 1960’s I was managing a grain elevator in a small Saskatchewan town.  Norman, the biggest grain farmer in the area, had a farm worker named Lenny, a former long haul trucker.  Norman put a lot of confidence in Lenny, paid him well and provided a good house for him and his young … Continue reading The destructive power of envy

Should Christians tithe?

Some Christians firmly believe that the Old Testament 10% rule is still in force for Christians today.  They tell inspirational tales of someone who was struggling financially and could hardly find any spare change for the collection plate.  Then they began to give 10% off the top of their income and, as if by magic, … Continue reading Should Christians tithe?