A “Christian” Tall Tale

First posted on June 26, 2012 NASA’s computers have discovered a missing 24 hour period in the distant past that corresponds exactly to the 23 hours and 20 minutes that the sun stood still in Joshua 10:12-13 and the 40 minutes lost in Hezekiah’s day (2 Kings 20:11 and Isaiah 38:8). Or so we are told … Continue reading A “Christian” Tall Tale

Loss of power

A few days ago, I reorganized our home office. When I turned my wife's desk a quarter turn, all the wires that were hidden behind it were now a mess in the open air. Not as bad as the illustration above, but seriously unsightly and possibly dangerous. I went about to put a little order … Continue reading Loss of power

Don’t believe everything a machine tells you

One of my bookkeeping clients received the following missive from the Canada Revenue Agency: Re: Source deductions arrears       Balance:  $0.00 Thank you for your recent payment of $-,---.--. (there were actual numbers on those blanks which I shall not reveal for reasons of client confidentiality.) This has reduced your account, but you still have … Continue reading Don’t believe everything a machine tells you

The Malwarebytes fiasco

I started using the free version of Malwarebytes some years ago when my anti-virus program didn't seem to be catching everything. I would run a scan with MWB every now and then and often it would pick up a couple of problems and delete them. They kept telling me how much more the premium version … Continue reading The Malwarebytes fiasco

Bean counters

People like myself (bookkeepers & accountants) are sometimes referred to as bean counters. The none-too-complimentary implication is that we spend hours at our desks sorting beans into little piles with no idea of what those beans represent. It isn't necessarily so. I used to work in the quality assurance department of a factory that made … Continue reading Bean counters

A new cruiser for the information highway

My wife has been in need of a new computer for some time, hers was still running Windows XP. She has been receiving warnings about XP's obsolescence for several years, but it continued to work. More or less, anyway. Now it seemed the time had come to replace the old clunker. So we went around … Continue reading A new cruiser for the information highway

Temperamental devices

My internet has been down. My wife's computer is connected to the same service, through the same modem and router and has had no problem. The cable connecting my computer to the internet had several splices and bare spots on the wire, evidently that must be the problem.I bought a new cable yesterday, hooked it … Continue reading Temperamental devices

My computer caught a virus

- and home remedies didn't work. Two emails written in Russian found their way to my inbox last week.  At least they were written with the Cyrillic alphabet and I think they were Russian.  The only part I could read was the dollar amounts.  I knew they were not good news and hit the delete … Continue reading My computer caught a virus


Faithful readers of this blog will have noticed that I was absent for almost a week.  I want to sincerely thank everyone who continued to check out the posts on this blog, even while nothing new was being added. No, I did not leave home on an extended trip, but other things came up which … Continue reading Excuses