What is truth?

Another way that people hide from God is through idea systems. Let me tell you about one idea system that Christians need to address. It is the idea that we just have faith in the church, but we don’t know anything. It’s the idea that knowledge is opposed to faith. People know things over in the shopping center, they know things at the bank, and they know things at school. But when you come to church, there is no knowledge, just faith

You may have a hard time believing that, but if you want to understand why the Christian gospel is being treated in this country as it is now by those running the legal and school systems, you have to realize that they have been trained by a system of ideas to believe that Christianity is just another superstition — one, moreover, that has had a legal advantage in this country and should now be dispossessed of that legal advantage. This is very deeply ingrained in the idea system that governs life around us.

-Dallas Willard. Excerpted from: The Allure of Gentleness, defending the faith in the manner of Jesus, © 2015 by Dallas Willard

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