No earthly ground

Of this water we find further, extensively, in the prophet Ezekiel, chapter 47, where he was brought to the house and saw waters issuing out from under the threshold of the house eastward. . . .  This water is typical of the spiritual water of the word of God which flowed from the temple, that is, from God and the Lamb, Revelation 21:22, till it increased and became, by Jesus Christ and his gospel, so full and deep that in this spiritual water no earthly ground of man’s salvation can be found; but man must swim without any ground or support from the doctrine and commandment of man. For the ground is alone in Jesus and in His heavenly word, which is spirit and life — therein must he be grounded, — therein swim and walk; for that is given for the salvation of man; in Jesus and his word alone will the souls of men be blessed.

Henry Funk, A Mirror of Baptism

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