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What is wrong with me?

I have been having repeated bouts of extreme lassitude, characterized by headaches, aching legs and a lack of energy that is unusual even for a guy in his seventies. Several days ago, I woke up with a nosebleed, something that hardly ever happens to me.

At that point a light came on. Five weeks earleir I had an appointment with the otolaryngologist and he recommended that I buy and use a sinus flush kit. It dawned on me that my headaches, etc pretty much coincided with the time I had been using this kit.

That led to an internet search. Three different websites say the use of these devices is generally quite safe, but all listed three possible negative effects: headaches; fever; nosebleeds.

Check. Check. Check. One other interesting bit of information is that these things originated with a form of Hindu ritual cleansing.

Now, I know a few people with extremely superstitious minds who would say my reaction is a sign of a curse from using such a heathen product. I don’t have thoughts like that. I am comfortable with Paul’s admonition to buy and use whatever is sold in the shambles (in this case Walmart) without asking questions.

One little question does arise, though. The doctor is of Indian origin, whether he is a practicing Hindu I do not know. But does he recommend these products to his patients strictly on medical grounds, or is his recommendation somewhat coloured by his religious background? How many of us really understand the presuppositions that go into our decision making?

In any case, I have stopped using the product and I am slowly beginning to feel better.

I'd love to hear what you think about this. Please leave a comment.

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