Discord among brethren

Many people today, including some Christians, are seeking salvation of the body to the detriment of both their spiritual and physical health. They are drawn to Seers who have been gifted with special enlightenment about medical problems. Armed with such knowledge, which is only granted to a select few, these people believe they see things … Continue reading Discord among brethren

Return of the plastic grocery bag

Amazing new discovery! Reusable shopping bags may be good for the environment, but may also be dangerous to your health. Actually this isn't a new discovery, there are articles on the internet from up to ten years ago explaining that reusable bags can be a breeding ground for bacteria. I guess we are supposed to … Continue reading Return of the plastic grocery bag

Why Couldn’t I Be The Healthy One?

It was the morning after my father's funeral and my cousin Dennis and I were sitting at a table with my mother looking at old photographs. Here was a school phot from when I was in Grade 2 in a one-room school. There were two little boys in the front row, one bright-eyed, smiling and … Continue reading Why Couldn’t I Be The Healthy One?

Why some fats are healthier than others

Years ago nutritional experts told us that cholesterol was the main culprit in heart disease and that we should try to eliminate it from our diet. The food industry happily jumped on the bandwagon, rejigging the formulation of their products and telling us how heart healthy their new products were. Then the nutritionists said, no, … Continue reading Why some fats are healthier than others

Daylight Saving Time is hazardous to your health

Most readers of this blog will now be on Daylight Saving Time. Here in Saskatchewan we didn’t set our clocks ahead. When I was a boy, the province was on Mountain Time and towns and cities could choose whether to go on Daylight Saving Time. In addition, the eastern half of the province lies in … Continue reading Daylight Saving Time is hazardous to your health

Are you in the grip of, or under the influence of, a virus?

War is hell. The First World War, from 1914 to 1918, resulted in the death of 10 million soldiers and 7 million civilians. At least 20 million more were wounded. As horrible as that sounds, the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 to 1919 caused at least 50 million deaths, some say 100 million. Beginning in … Continue reading Are you in the grip of, or under the influence of, a virus?

What is wrong with me?

I have been having repeated bouts of extreme lassitude, characterized by headaches, aching legs and a lack of energy that is unusual even for a guy in his seventies. Several days ago, I woke up with a nosebleed, something that hardly ever happens to me. At that point a light came on. Five weeks earleir … Continue reading What is wrong with me?

Doctrines of the humanist religion

1.  Nothing is real that cannot be understood by the human mind. People choose to believe in spirits, magic, witchcraft, astrology, scientific theories or various "holy books." These are merely attempts to fit all things seen and experienced into a framework that appears to give a logical explanation for every detail and event. I may … Continue reading Doctrines of the humanist religion

Cancer Centre

My wife had her first visit at the Cancer Centre yesterday. Now isn't that a scary way of starting a conversation?  The visit really wasn't so scary. Let me start at the beginning.  Four months ago Chris decided that the tiredness she felt after a day's work had to be due to something more than … Continue reading Cancer Centre