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A peaceful farmer

This is a story I heard many years ago.  It was told as an actual happening, I think the location may have been in Ontario and the time at least 100 years ago.

A Mennonite farmer, we’ll call him Samuel,  one day noticed a large quantity of grain was missing from one of his bins.  Being a peaceful man, he told no one about it, not even his wife.

Months passed, then one day a neighbour dropped by to pass the time of day with Samuel.  During the conversation, he casually remarked, “Say, I heard you had some grain stolen a while back.”

Samuel replied, just as calmly: “Well, if I were you I wouldn’t tell anybody about it, because you and I are the only two people who know it happened.”

I never heard what the neighbour did next, but evidently his troubled conscience had pushed him into revealing his guilt.


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