Kindness does more than violence

Here is another story that was told to Ruben Saillens. An Anabaptist and his wife were sleeping peacefully in their hut at the edge of the road, when some young men returning from a party in a neighbouring village passed by. “Look. Here’s the home of the old Anabaptist. Why don’t we play a trick … Continue reading Kindness does more than violence

A different kind of heroism

Ruben Saillens, 1855-1942, was the best-known Baptist preacher of his day in France. In 1895 he visited an Anabaptist community in Switzerland and then published  a couple of historical incidents that he heard from them. Here is one of them. One day, during the Thirty Years War in Europe, a group of soldiers stopped at … Continue reading A different kind of heroism

The power of turning the other cheekl

I had devotions at our school this morning. Part of what I told the chlidren and their teachers was the following story from the life of Albert Tait. Albert Tait lived on a Saulteaux Indian Reservation in North-Western Ontario. The Saulteaux (pronounced Soto) are one of the most widespread First Nations groups in Canada, called … Continue reading The power of turning the other cheekl

The way of peace

Forty-five years ago I was picking up my mail in a village post office when I heard two older men reminiscing about the war. Somehow the subject of Mennonites came up. “Mennonites!” one of them said angrily, “They should all be lined up against a wall and shot!” The other agreed. This was at a … Continue reading The way of peace

Steel-toed slippers

Non-resistance is one of the prime identification marks of a true Anabaptist.  Many folks take this to mean that we believe it is wrong to put on a uniform and take up arms to defend our country.  What it really means is that we believe in wearing figurative steel-toed slippers so that it never feels … Continue reading Steel-toed slippers

A peaceful farmer

This is a story I heard many years ago.  It was told as an actual happening, I think the location may have been in Ontario and the time at least 100 years ago. A Mennonite farmer, we'll call him Samuel,  one day noticed a large quantity of grain was missing from one of his bins.  … Continue reading A peaceful farmer