Conservatism vs Liberalism?

There are two kinds of conservatism: a living one by which the faith is passed on intact and unchanged, always being kindled anew by the power of the Word and of the Holy Spirit; and a conservatism without life, that makes outward formalism the exclusive evidence of faith, with no reference to the condition of the heart.

There are also two types of liberalism: the one characterized by an openness to the ever-moving Spirit that makes the faith applicable to every age and nation; and the other one which makes the inward feeling the exclusive evidence of faith, unhindered by doctrine or Scriptural evidences.

The living conservatism and the spiritual liberalism are essentially one and the same thing, as they are evidences of the work of the same Holy Spirit; the dead conservatism and the worldly liberalism seem to be mutually exclusive, but lead one to the same sad end — a false hope in a Spirit-less Christianity.

Source unknown, but very similar to a paragraph which appears on page 92 of  Mennonite Piety Through the Centuries by Robert Friedmann.  I would be very thankful if my readers could provide me with more precise information about the source of this brief statement.

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