Antiquarian Anabaptist

Apologetics from an Anabaptist perspective

La Nobla Leyçon – VIII

But at the feast of Pentecost he remembered them,
And sent them the Holy Ghost, which is the Comforter,
And taught the disciples by divine doctrine,
And they understood the language and the Holy Scripture,
And then they remembered what he had said.
They spoke without fear of the doctrine of Christ,
They preached both to Jews and Greeks, working many miracles;
And baptized those who believed in the name of Jesus Christ.
Then was there a people new converted;
They were called Christians, for they believed in Christ.
But we find here that the Scripture saith,
That the Jews and Saracens persecuted them grievously.
But the apostles were so fortified by the fear of the Lord,
And the men and women which were with them,
That for all that, they left neither speaking nor doing,
Whatsoever should come of it, so that they might have Jesus Christ.
The torments were great, according to what is written,
Only because they taught the way of Jesus Christ.
But as for the persecutors, we need not so much wonder,
For they had not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Like those who now seek occasion to persecute the saints;
Which men ought to be Christians, but appear not to be such.
And in this they are to be blamed, for that they persecute and imprison the good;
For, it is not found anywhere,
That the saints persecuted or imprisoned any.
Now after the apostles, were certain teachers,
Who taught the way of Jesus Christ our Saviour.
And they are found even at this present day,
But they are known to very few,
Who have a great desire to teach the way of Jesus Christ,
But they are so persecuted, that they are able to do but little,
So much are the false Christians blinded with error,
And more than the rest they that are pastors,
For they persecute and hate those who are better than themselves,
And let those live quietly who are false deceivers.
But by this we may know that they are not good pastors,
For they love not the sheep, but only for their fleeces.
The Scripture saith, and it is evident,
That if any man love those that are good, he must needs love God, and Jesus Christ.
Such an one will neither curse, swear, nor lie,
He will neither commit adultery, nor kill; he will neither defraud his neighbour,
Nor avenge himself of his enemies.
Now such an one is termed a Waldensian, and worthy to be punished,
And they find occasion by lies and by deceit,
To take that from him that which he has gotten by his just labour.
However, he that is thus persecuted for the fear of the Lord, strengtheneth himself greatly,
By this consideration, that the kingdom of heaven shall be given him at the end of the world.
That he shall have a weight of glory in recompense for all such dishonour.


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