Antiquarian Anabaptist

Apologetics from an Anabaptist perspective

La Nobla Leyçon – IV

He forbade service unto idols,
Homicide, adultery, and all sorts of whoredom,
Lying, perjury, and false words,
Usury, rapine, and evil coveting,
As also avarice and all wickedness.
To the good he promised life, but threatened death to the wicked;
Then were they clothed in their principality:
But those which sinned and did wickedly
They died and were destroyed without remission:
For the Scripture says, and it is manifest enough,
That thirty thousand were left in the wilderness,
Thirty thousand and more (as the law saith)
Died by the sword, by fire and serpents;
And many others were destroyed in another manner,
The earth opening, and hell receiving them.
And here we may have matter of reproving ourselves very seasonably,
But those which did the will of the Lord; inherited the land of promise;
Now there were in those days many worthies,
As David, and Solomon the king,
Isaiah, Jeremy, and many others,
Which fought for the faith and defended the same.
There was one only people chosen by God out of all the world.
The enemies were in great number round about which persecuted them:
We have many things worth our learning and imitation in this lesson:
When they kept the law and the commandments,
God fought for them against the other nations;
But when they sinned and did wickedly,
They died, were destroyed, and taken captive by those other nations.
But so enlarged were these people, and so abounding in riches,
That they kicked against the Lord,
Wherefore we find in this lesson,
That the king of Babylon put them into prison,
Where they were oppressed and straitened a long time;
Then they cried to the Lord with a repentant heart;
And he restored them to Jerusalem, but few there were that were obedient and kept the law,
And that feared to offend their king.
Yea some there were, men full of deceit and falsehood,
That is the Pharisees and others who were versed in Scripture,
These kept the law, (as plainly appears)
Only that the world might see it, and to be the more honoured.
But little worth is this honour which soon vanisheth.
Then were the saints persecuted, and those that were just and good;
Then they prayed unto the Lord with cries and tears,
That he would come down on earth and save this world:
For all mankind was in the way of perdition.


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