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There is still power in the blood

Today is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  A time to remember Christians in northern Nigeria where the Boko Haram Islamic sect appears to be attempting to wipe out Christianity, and persecuted Christians elsewhere, in places like Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, China and many other countries.

There are troubling signs in our more “civilized” nations as well: Canada, USA, UK, etc.   Christian values are being ridiculed and trampled underfoot and a different set of values promoted.  How long will it be before there is outright persecution of those who still cling to Christian values?

While all these troubling thoughts were swirling through my head, we received a letter from a couple we know who are missionaries of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite in the largely Muslim area of northern Cameroon, next door to Nigeria.

They report the conversion of an Imam.  He found a tract at a friend’s place, took it home, read it over and over and brooded over it for months.  Finally, he came to our friends wanting to know if Jesus could take away the burden on his heart.  After a lengthy visit he prayed a silent prayer and felt God’s forgiveness.

He went to tell his friends what had happened to him.  One said: “Are you thinking straight?  You are a traitor.”

“No,” he replied,  “I am not.  There is no plan of salvation in the Muslim religion.  I must go out to find it.”

Governments and all man-made institutions will disappoint our trust.  The gospel of Jesus Christ will stand forever.


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