Antiquarian Anabaptist

Apologetics from an Anabaptist perspective

Evils of the Dispensational Viewpoint

[The following paragraphs are quoted from The Reign of Christ by Charles Ewing Brown, copyright 1948 by the Gospel Trumpet Company.]

This view ministers to spiritual pride.  People who vaunt themselves on understanding the dispensations often look down with contempt on other Christians, charging them with ignorance and incompetence in properly dividing the Bible.  If the accused Christian is a simple, unlettered believer, then he is likely to be given a severe dose of inferiority complex in order to make him more amenable to the reception of this alleged superior knowledge.  If the accused believer is a scholar, then it is easy to accuse him of being a higher critic and unwilling to expect the coming of the Lord.

Some people enjoy writing by a secret code, talking argot, or otherwise displaying exclusive knowledge.  This is not commonly taken as a mark of erudition.  A man is not a scholar because he can read the price symbols in a store.  And a Greek or Hebrew scholar may be unable to read the secret code which his children use for correspondence.  Knowledge of the deep things of God is a far different thing from probing and memorizing the imaginary plans of the dispensationalists.

Another bad effect of the dispensational plan is that it seems to represent God as changing his mind from age to age regarding the plan of salvation.  It seems to represent God as a more or less baffled person trying many different ways to do a hard job and failing each time.

Perhaps the worst of all effects of this theory is that it tends to belittle and cheapen the present age of gospel teaching and church activity.  This age is represented by the New Testament as “the last time,” the “fullness of times,” and the crowning fulfilment of all God’s master plan of redemption and salvation.  It should be painful to a Christian heart to have this gospel age set down with five other unsuccessful ages, and contrasted with the one successful age and plan at a time when Christianity and the church had failed forever and had been taken from the earth.


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