Flatlander Faith

Apologetics from an Anabaptist perspective


It happened the summer that I was 11 years old.  I was bicycling along the shoulder of the highway that ran close by our home when I saw a cardboard box lying in the ditch.  I stopped to take a closer look and saw that there were three or four Crispy Crunch bars inside.  I took the box home to my parents.  They could not find anything to identify where it might have come from, or who it might belong to, so they gave permission for me to eat one.  I quickly tore open the wrapper, anticipating a taste of my favourite chocolate bar — and discovered a block of wood.  The others were all the same.  The wood had been shaped to the same form as a Crispy Crunch bar so that the package looked just like the genuine thing.  They were evidently intended for use as an advertising display, but this young boy was terribly disappointed.

Could it ever be that God would experience the same disappointment as He looks into the heart of our life?  Is it possible that we could get our Christian packaging just right, but would not have the genuine article inside?

We have a pretty good idea how a Christian should live.  Do we know why?  If a stranger asks us why we do, or don’t do, certain things, is it enough to say “That is the way we are taught in our church”?

These are some questions to ask ourselves whenever we think we have Christian life all figured out.

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