A Puritan Preacher

“There is a narrow way that leadeth unto heaven and there is a broad way that leadeth into hell and many there be that go therein; the papists and protestants do meet in that way and may shake hands in hell.” From a sermon preached by Gabriel Sanger in 1634 in the parish church of … Continue reading A Puritan Preacher

Persecution of the Lollards

William Swynderby (sometimes spelled Swinderby) and Walter Brute were active exponents of Lollard beliefs in the last 20 years of the 14th Century. Swynderby was burned at the stake for his faith in 1401 at Smithfield, London. G. M. Trevelyan, while not entirely sympathetic, gives a glimpse of the views of Brute and Swynderby on … Continue reading Persecution of the Lollards

Now available from Amazon

Many years ago, Andrew Ratcliffe had a dream that helped him find his bearings in living as a Christian. He wanted to share this dream with others; the manuscript travelled from hand to hand and wound up on this side of the water in the hands of my wife. Chris has spent months editing and … Continue reading Now available from Amazon

Boxing Day musings

Feasting on Christmas Day has a long and noble tradition and one is at risk of being branded a heretic if he suggests it might not be necessary. Noble in that first sentence is meant to be taken literally – for many centuries it was only the nobility and the rich who could afford to … Continue reading Boxing Day musings

God Save the Queen

It was Wednesday morning, February 6, 1952. I was nine years old and in Grade Five. When I got up that morning, the radio was playing solemn, stately, orchestral music. That was all we could get on any radio station. The eight o'clock news told us why – King George VI had died and his … Continue reading God Save the Queen

Lollard Conclusions, 1394

1. That when the the Church of England began to go mad after temporalities, like its great stepmother the Roman Church, and churches were authorized to by appropriation in divers places, faith, hope, and charity began to flee from our Church.... 2. That our usual priesthood which began in Rome, pretended to be of power … Continue reading Lollard Conclusions, 1394

Harvest Home

Here in Saskatchewan the trees are bare, the flowers have died, geese are migrating and most of the combines are parked. Garden produce has been gathered in and the long, plump, white grain bags lying in many fields are silent evidence of a bountiful harvest. Monday will be Thanksgiving. The custom of giving thanks for … Continue reading Harvest Home

Perfidious Caesar, or is it perfidious Christians?

[I’m offering here some more tidbits from Dorothy Sayers for your reading enjoyment and discussion. Bear in mind that these words were written in England during the Second World War, around the time that I was born. I’m afraid that many Christians in North America still don’t understand what has gone wrong in the romance … Continue reading Perfidious Caesar, or is it perfidious Christians?

The Rage Against God

The rage against God, how atheism led me to faith, © 2010 by Pe ter Hitchens is a personal memoir of the writer's rejection of God in his youth and his return to faith years later. He tells how the rejection of God in British society has led to moral decay and gives a rebuttal … Continue reading The Rage Against God