How I spent Christmas day

The night before Christmas we were visited by an Alberta Clipper, a fast moving snowstorm. When I got up in the morning I could see that more snow had fallen in the night, but it didn’t look like a lot, I didn’t see any major snowdrifts in the white landscape. I didn’t think I had time to shovel the steps and paths, it didn’t look too bad. So we got ready for church and stepped out the door.

The knee deep drift between the house and the garage was the first hint that all wasn’t so benign as I had thought. I had no trouble backing out of the garage, then turned to head out the driveway. I saw a snowbank ahead of me, but it didn’t look too bad, so I gunned the engine to blast through the drift and two seconds later the car was immobile on top of the drift. All Wheel Drive is a wonderful thing, but for it to work, the rubber has to actually be in contact with the road.

I tried to shovel my way out and gave up. We went back into the house and listened to the audio stream of the church service taking place just 4 km from our home. I shoveled the steps and paths, then our son-in-law came with his skid steer and cleaned our driveway, leaving the car sitting on its own snow pedestal., Then our grandson showed up and they pulled the car onto solid ground and cleared that last pile of snow off the driveway.

Then we packed up and went to their place for Christmas dinner with our daughter, son-in-law and four grandchildren. In the end it turned out to be a good day.

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