Things fall apart


Have you noticed how things seem to work fine when you have time on your hands, then when you have a pile of work to do all kinds of stuff starts to happen?

Our push lawn mower won’t start this spring. The riding mower works fine but I like to use the push mower to get under trees and into spaces where I can’t go with the riding mower. It looks like I’ll have to take the carburetor apart. Some day soon.

Our front screen door can no longer be latched or locked from inside the house. I can still lock it with the key from outside.  It’s an aluminum door, a little warped and doesn’t close right. I’m going to replace it. As soon as I get the lawn mower fixed.

WordPress suddenly wouldn’t allow me to write a new post or edit an old one. On this blog and on my French blog. Nothing I tried worked. There was nothing posted online about such a problem. An online chat with WordPress support showed me how to fix that it. It was really very simple. One problem resolved.

If you’ll excuse me now, my desk is piled high with work that needs to be done. And I just got a call that my new glasses are ready to be picked up.

Hope your day is going well.

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