Good-bye Coke Zero, hello Dr Pepper.


I read today in the online version of Le Point, a French newsmagazine, that yet another study has established a link between diet pop and increased belly fat along with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Apparently, pop with real sugar is better for your health.

I think I have discovered why I like Dr Pepper. They aren’t saying what 23 flavours are used to create its unique taste, but the consensus seems to be that amaretto is number one. Amaretto is derived from apricot pits, among other things, and has a taste somewhat like almond, yet different. My absolute favourite form of coffee is cappuccino with a shot of amaretto syrup, so I’m getting something akin to that in Dr Pepper.

Also in Le Point, I read that Robert Marchand just rode his bicycle around a velodrome for an hour, travelling a total of 22.5 km. Monsieur Marchand is 105 years old. When he was 81 he biked from Paris to Moscow.

I did 15 minutes on my rebounder today. I hope that counts for something.

2 thoughts on “Good-bye Coke Zero, hello Dr Pepper.

  1. MANY MOONS ago, I had (something of) an “addiction” to Dr. Pepper. I LOVED it — couldn’t get enough. In the end, and I do mean the END, of my “relationship” with Dr. Pepper, I learned that it was the caffeine that had me hooked. Once I got off — I was good to go, and felt SO much better. After a time, I got “off” all soda and at this point, it’s WATER and me. LOVE my new relationship with H2O — feeling healthier. When boredom strikes (and it does), I just add some fruit to the water, and I’m happy again. Feeling MUCH better these days. Good luck to you!

    —Kathy from:

  2. Studies have shown that caffeine in moderate amounts has health benefits, But, as my wife often says, “There is no moderation in the human race.” Most days I drink one caffeinated beverage; other than that I drink water. But I have known people who needed three cups of coffee to get them going in the morning and kept pouring down the coffee through the day to maintain their caffeine level. I couldn’t tolerate that much caffeine, they get severe headaches without it. I think you could call that an addiction.

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