Christian persuasion is an art for lovers

Christian persuasion is for those  who love God, who wish to make the best possible case for the one they know and love, and who appreciate that love is an essential part of the knowledge that stems from the seeking and finding. Persuasion is for followers of Jesus who love him because they know him, and therefore need no convincing of  their unspeakable privilege of knowing him and making him known. . . . The Christian persuasion we are exploring here is not for salesmen, propagandists, proselytizers, PR consultants, lobbyists, press officers, spin doctors, damage control experts and the like. It is not enough to share our faith out of guilt or social pressure or a desire to compete with rivals for cultural influence in today’s world. There are more than enough consultants to cater to those with such motives. This book is for those who desire to share the way of Jesus because of their love for Jesus, and who know that love is a key part of any human being’s search for knowledge and truth.

-Os Guinness, from his new book Fool’s Talk, Recovering the art of Christian persuasion. © 2015 by Os Guinness, published by InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL

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