Things I am thankful for

Our son-in-law

My wife got up early yesterday morning and had three loads of laundry done before I had my shower, and I still had hot water for my shower.  I was away until mid afternoon and when I came home my wife informed me that we had no hot water.

I checked things out, just like I knew what I was doing. The breaker hadn’t tripped, so I took the outer panel off the water heater to look at the wiring. There was a red thing that said reset so I pushed it. Nothing happened. So I texted our son-in-law, who was at a meeting. He came over this morning, looked things over, pushed the reset button — it clicked and the water heater started working again.

Well, I thought I had pushed it.

Our oldest grandson

I took our oldest grandson into Saskatoon today for a session at Sylvan Learning, then did some shopping while he was there. We had lunch, then came home. Along the way, we saw lots of big equipment working at twinning the highway we were using. We saw all kinds of highly specialized machinery working on the railway on the other side of the highway. They are replacing ties, levelling the rails and who knows what else. We stopped at the work site where his dad’s crew is building a road for some industrial lots in a town along the way. Nathan is much more knowledgeable about this sort of stuff than I am and enjoys explaining it. I enjoyed the time with him.

Honda engines

It takes me about two hours with a riding mower to trim the grass on our yard. I have a smaller mower that I used to use for closer trimming around buildings and trees. About this time last summer the cable to the safety bar broke. I got cable to fix it, but the job never got done before winter. I finally did it today. It had sat for a year with a little gas in it. I didn’t check the oil, the air filter, the spark plug or anything. I just pulled the starter cord and it started on the second pull. Then I checked the oil, which still looked pretty good, not having seen much use last year.  I have a replacement air filter and want to do a little more service before I use it much.

I know other engines are better than they used to be, but I am thankful to have a Honda on this little mower.

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