Flatlander Faith

Apologetics from an Anabaptist perspective

The acid test

I was sitting in a small town restaurant eating my dinner when a business lady from that community walked in. I am acquainted with this lady and know that she is a Christian and that her business is still in the growing stage, thus unexpected expenses are not very welcome.

She seemed deflated as she sat down and soon told me why. This is a small town, the restaurant is 4 blocks from her place of business, so she got in her vehicle and didn’t buckle up. After all, what could go wrong in that distance?

Well, today of all days, there was a police officer doing a traffic check halfway between her business and the restaurant. She received a ticket. For $175.00.

And she thanked the police officer.

There is a proverb from Africa or India that says “You can tell what is inside a person by what spills out when he (she in this case) is bumped.”

I believe she passed that test.

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