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Rained out — in January!

A few of us, five to be exact, were planning on getting together over coffee this morning to discuss how we could better be effective witnesses of the gospel to the people around us, to Mister Average Canadian. There are no Tim Horton’s close by, not really any coffee shops at all, so we decided to meet at 10:00 at Creekside Country Decor in the town of Delisle. This is an antique store that has three antique tables, somewhat separated from each other, where people can sit down on antique chairs and Richard will serve coffee and cinnamon rolls. This seemed the ideal setting for our group, as long as we kept it small.

Not long after I got up this morning, I began to hear raindrops on the roof. Then the lights blinked off and on. After a few minutes they blinked a few more times, then went off to stay. I decided to go anyway. Our gravel road was nicely coated with a sheet of ice, but I made it safely to the highway and then the going was much better (the highway had been salted – or potashed, there are huge potash mines nearby and apparently potash works better than salt and is less corrosive).

Two brethren called while I was on the way to say they would stay home unless the power came on soon. I met the other two in Delisle, but of course Creekside, and everything else, was closed because of no electricity. Richard couldn’t have made coffee anyway without electricity. Everyone seems to think we should try again, perhaps next week. The rain stopped at 10:00, the clouds drifted off and the sun began to shine and at 10:45 the lights came on again. Too late for today, but it seems that we are all enthusiastic about making this work sometime soon.


4 responses to “Rained out — in January!

  1. huguesandries January 24, 2015 at 18:01

    Will you share the conclusions of your talk with us, once you succeed in holding a meeting?
    😉 I’d be interested…

  2. Bob Goodnough January 24, 2015 at 18:22

    It may take a while to come to any conclusions, but I plan to share some of my preliminary thoughts, probably tomorrow.

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