Books about Haïti

I have never been to Haiti, but we were members of the St Marys, Ontario congregation for 15 years. Several families there have an ongoing connection with Haiti and made us all feel connected to the church in Haiti.  I just obtained my copy of this book today and thought I would copy the Dec. 10 post from John Luke Toews blog: Operation Noah’s Ark

Across the Mountains—Haiti Book is finally available!

We finally finished the task we set out to do five years ago! Actually I have been working on putting out  a book on Haiti for seven years. A lot of the Haiti articles you have read about on this blog was material I used in this book. Parts of the project go back thirty years ago as missionaries started compiling material together. Across the Mountains is a record of the various programs the COGICM have been involved with in Haiti. Humanitarian work, CSI, 1-W service, history of the congregations, the sinking of the Neptune and Conversion (New Birth) and Earthquake testimonies. It covers a span from 1966-2014.
575 pgs. 70 Illus.
You can order the book from Gospel Publishers or
Prairie View Press
A few months ago I read Haiti, The Aftershocks of History, by Laurent Dubois. © 2012 by Laurent Dubois and published by Metropolitan Books. This is a history of Haiti from the beginning until now. The writer is from the USA, and white, yet does not attempt to paper over the overwhelmingly negative effects of US influence on Haiti, or the racism behind it. A good book to read to understand how Haiti came to be the way it is today and the strengths of the rural society. Dubois is a secular writer and considers voodoo to be a benign and positive force. Apart from that, an excellent book for anyone wishing to understand the country.

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