A more honest version of the shepherd psalm

Mammon is my shepherd; I shall always want more.

He gives me no rest; he makes me to always desire greener pastures and more dangerous waters.

He gives me emptiness and leads me in paths that offer shiny and exciting things to fill that emptiness.

But when I come to the valley of the shadow of death, he abandons me to my fears; wealth and luxury give no help nor comfort there.

Though I have what I need, he shows me that others have more and better than I.

Surely envy and greed shall follow me all the days of my life: and I don’t want to think of what may be after that.

[Who is your shepherd?]

3 thoughts on “A more honest version of the shepherd psalm

  1. The title of this post leaves me wondering if the original version of the Psalm is less honest than this one. Please clarify your position on this matter. I am sure I am missing something and am just a little extra dense this morning. Enjoy your blog, keep it up, brother!

  2. The thought behind this little parody was that for many people the 23rd Psalm is an aspiration, not a reality. We want others to believe that we are following the Good Shepherd, and we especially want to believe that we are in line to enjoy the blessings promised in this Psalm. Yet an unbiased observer might conclude from our attitudes and actions that the truth is closer to what I wrote here than to the words of David. I think we all need to examine ourselves from time to time and determine whether we are fo9llowing the same shepherd David was following. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to clarify this.

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