Change and decay in all around I see

“We can ignore even pleasure. But pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” – C.S. Lewis It surely does seem that God is shouting at us right now. But what is … Continue reading Change and decay in all around I see

We lost Rose

My phone rang this morning as we were getting ready to leave for church. It was brother-in-law Jim; his first words were “We lost Rose.” We were with the family yesterday around Rose’s hospital bed in Moose Jaw. We couldn’t tell if she knew we were there or not, but she was still breathing. Her … Continue reading We lost Rose

God’s way is best

I watched bemused as Michelle pedalled her tricycle back in forth on the sidewalk in front of our house. Then she saw a bus coming and pedalled to the bus stop at the end of the block. After a passenger or two had dismounted or mounted the bus, she lined up beside it. When the … Continue reading God’s way is best

The battles of life

Ah, simple boy! - well had it been for thee Had thy ambitious longing been confined To objects wisely placed beyond thy grasp. But years stole on – thy ardent spirit broke Its childish trammels, and with eager joy Explored the warlike annals of the past, And called up spirits of the mighty dead, To … Continue reading The battles of life

FAME, part 2

Oh think not genius, with its hallowed light, Can break the gloom of the eternal night; For splendid talents often lead astray The unguarded heart, and hide the narrow way, While the unlearned and those of low estate, With faith's clear eyes behold the living gate, Whose portals open on the shoreless sea Where time's … Continue reading FAME, part 2

A more honest version of the shepherd psalm

Mammon is my shepherd; I shall always want more. He gives me no rest; he makes me to always desire greener pastures and more dangerous waters. He gives me emptiness and leads me in paths that offer shiny and exciting things to fill that emptiness. But when I come to the valley of the shadow … Continue reading A more honest version of the shepherd psalm


That fearsome disease, The deaths do not cease. Who can help when such fear Clutches all who are near?Disease is a curse, Fear just makes it worse. We flee those who would help. Trust things that cannot help.Thousands are dying, Thousands are trying To arrest the bleeding, And stop it from spreading.Has a cure been … Continue reading Ebola

Knowing who the true enemy is

While driving through downtown Saskatoon today, my wife and I noticed a billboard for the University of Lethbridge, which boasted “We teach you how to think, not what to think.” I wonder how true that is. As far as one can tell, the whole public education system in our country is committed to teaching and … Continue reading Knowing who the true enemy is