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Stagnant water

There are many pools of water near where we live, filled by the spring runoff and then refreshed by the heavy spring rains. I went for a bike ride this evening and noticed that the warm weather we are now experiencing has produced heavy algae growth in those waters. They are turning green and they don’t smell very nice.

These shallow bodies of water are called sloughs here in Saskatchewan. They fill up in spring, but then get smaller and smaller during the summer. Some years they dry up completely. They provide ideal nesting habitat for all kinds of ducks and shore birds. But they are stagnant, there is no inlet or outlet and eventually they begin to smell. In some cases, a type of algae forms that is toxic to animals who drink the water.

Jesus promised that rivers of living water would flow from those who believed on Him. But what happens when we try to keep that living water for ourselves. If there is no outlet, if the water does not flow out to others, doesn’t it also become stagnant? Can the healing, life-giving water start to give off an offensive odour, can it even become toxic?

I believe the answer is yes. Ezekiel saw the river of living water flowing out from the throne of God. But he also saw that there were places on the margins if that river where the water didn’t flow, it formed stagnant pools. “But the miry places thereof and the marishes thereof shall not be healed; they shall be given to salt” (Ezekiel 47:11).

We must allow the water to flow freely. There are so many who are dying for lack of its refreshing and healing properties. There is even a danger that we may die if we allow it to grow stagnant.

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