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How fast can you run?

In my last post, I spoke of living where the deer and the antelope roam. The antelope part was referring to the animal below, which I have always called a pronghorn antelope. Now it is reported that it is not a true antelope at all and should simply be called a pronghorn. Small herds of pronghorns are frequently seen on the grasslands in the southern part of Saskatchewan, but they are more people shy than mule deer and thus not a problem around farm yards.

antelope-193273_640Pronghorns have been clocked at speeds that suggest they might be the only animal on earth that could outrun a cheetah. I am just as happy that we do not have cheetahs around here to test that out.

People run from danger in a variety of ways. Frank Jones*, a frequent visitor in a congregation where we were members some years ago, ran from his native Wales to Canada to get away from something. When asked what it was, he would only say, “Nobody will ever know what happened back there.” If pressed further, he would express the certainty that a merciful God would overlook whatever it ws he had done. Perhaps, but it seemed that Frank had run a long way and yet his trouble was still with him, even if no one else knew what it was.

There was a point in my later twenties when I seriously considered running away from my troubles. The young lady who had promised to marry me was having second thoughts, at my place of business I was being blamed for the dishonesty of the person I had replaced. The memory of an earlier time when I had run away from a problem convinced me that taking to the road would not be a solution. I couldn’t run away from myself.

Instead, I ran to Jesus. Things changed after that – I found that many of the the people who were doing business with me already understood the situation and the suspicions of others began to melt away. And in just one more month that young lady and I will have been married for 44 years.

Frank Jones wasn’t running away from his problem, he was trying to run away from himself. No matter how fast or how far you run, you cannot escape from yourself. Or from God. You will meet Him someday and He will have a record of all that you have ever done and you will finally recognize the justness of His judgement.

It doesn’t have to that way. You can run to the Saviour and have the record wiped clean through His blood.

*Not his real name

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