Flatlander Faith

Apologetics from an Anabaptist perspective

Two years later

I began this blog on June 8, 2012, not really knowing where I wanted to go with it, nor what to expect in the way of readership and reader reaction. Over a period of two years I have made 480 posts and the blog has received 13,047 views.

Having started out with only a nebulous concept of my goal, I suppose I can say I have successfully attained that goal. I am not elated with the quality of the writing that I have posted, or its reception, neither am I disappointed. This seems a good time to consider where I want to go to from here.

The subtitle of this blog is Apologetics from an Anabaptist Perspective. That is the goal I want to pursue. I hope there are others in the position I was almost fifty years ago when I looked at the disarray of Christianity and thought to myself “There has to be something better than this.”

I have fond memories of  many individuals from a variety of denominations who had a positive influence on my life. But they stand out in rather sharp contrast to the many others whose influence tended to make me suspect there was no substance to the claims of Christianity.

I don’t intend to spend a lot of time criticizing other people, other than attempting to show that it is not necessary to accept an adulterated, degraded form of Christianity that offers no real hope in this life, or the life to come. I came to the faith I now hold through reading history, which gave me hope that those who lived an uncompromising Christian life, even in face of mortal danger, might have their spiritual descendents today. I want to share the enthusiasm that gave me.

That brings me to the second motivation for this blog. I find that many of those spiritual descendents are not well-informed about their spiritual heritage and thus ill-equiped to share their faith with their neighbours, or even their children. If I can inspire them to search deeper into that heritage and its Biblical foundation I will feel rewarded.

Speaking of apologetics, Michael Sherrard has a blog, and a book, entitled Relational Apologetics, Defending the Christian faith with holiness, respect & truth. There is a link to the blog on the right. Yesterday I bought the book and have read it through. I admire his approach and feel it is worthwhile instruction for anyone who aspires to share their faith with others in our post-Christian society. He makes the point that apologetics need not be as scary as it sounds, as the great majority of the people we have to do with are not intellectuals and have not really thought through their objections to the Christian faith.

I bought another book yesterday, Letters to a Diminished Church, by Dorothy Sayers. Her point is that the creeds and doctrines of Chritianity are anything but boring. The truth claims that they make are a startling breath of fresh air for a tired and despondent society that mostly only hears a version of Christianity that is watered down and sweetened in an attempt to cause no offense to modern sensibilities.  This book dates from the 1940’s and the writer was British, but her thesis is  applicable to us today wherever we live.

I will share a few quotes from these books in later posts. I will continue with an eclectic mix of material, but want to focus more on apologetics in a way that will be helpful to those wanting to know more about the Anabaptist faith. Another goal is to take some of the older posts, edit and expand them and publish them as an ebook.

I'd love to hear what you think about this. Please leave a comment.

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