Flatlander Faith

Apologetics from an Anabaptist perspective

A home with two people and three cats

We share our home with animals.  I know that there are people who find this horrifying.  I guess we just don’t know any better, having always lived this way.

There is another cat who earnestly desires to join the three under our roof, but I think we have reached our limit.  The others came into our home one by one as kittens and have adjusted to each other.  To bring another adult cat into the mix would surely upset the ecological balance, or something.  It would at least upset the lives of all three cats and both people.  This cat has a home in the village two km away.  Twice we have taken him there only to find him back here a couple days later.  He is welcome at the farm next door which has three barn yard cats, but I suspect he has noticed that our cats have a warmer home and get better food.

The interaction between our cats is fascinating.  Panda, a black long-haired Maine Coon Cat is the grumpy old maiden aunt.  She has been with us for 11 years and has greeted each newcomer with pretty stern language.  Angus is 2 ½, a large all black Siamese, if you can imagine such a creature.  Pookie is 1 ½, a flame point Siamese.  He is the smallest, cutest and the most belligerent of the lot.  All three now cohabit peaceably.  We were quite sure that we didn’t need a third cat when Pookie showed up on our doorstep a year ago.  Now we see that it is all to the  good that Angus and Pookie have each other to tease and plague, it saves Panda a lot of aggravation.

Many years ago the prophet Nathan came to King David with the story of a poor man who had one little lamb that he had raised as a daughter, letting her eat the food he ate and drink from his cup.  Let us pause here and consider, if this was not a story from the Bible and if we didn’t know what followed, how many of us would be disgusted at this story and say the man deserved no sympathy for having this lamb taken from him?

That was not David’s reaction.  It all made perfect sense to him and his indignation  was directed toward the one who had taken the lamb.  Surely it was the softness of David’s heart, as revealed in this account and elsewhere, that caused God to call David a man after His own heart.

I hope that my love of cats, and my tolerance for their foibles, is  teaching me to show the same love and tolerance toward people.  There are too many people today who profess to care deeply about mankind, but can’t seem to stand people.  Let me not be one of them.

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