Who is in charge here?

A friend, thinking to reprove my affection for cats, told this little fable: A dog, upon being given shelter, food and lots of affection, begins to worship his master, thinking to himself: “Wow! this man must be a god!” A cat, upon receiving the same kind of treatment and affection, thinks to himself: “Wow! I … Continue reading Who is in charge here?

Memories of Panda

Panda was our number one furry friend for over 15 years. We got her from a street cat rescue program when she was about six months old. She was part of a litter of long haired black cats found in an abandoned car in a back alley. She grew into a magnificent Maine Coon cat … Continue reading Memories of Panda

Juggling jobs

I am getting old, I call myself semi-retired, but it seems that I have more demands on my time than ever before, and I'm not at all sure that I'm managing my time wisely. I am a bookkeeper: A large part of my income is pension, but I still have five bookkeeping clients that I … Continue reading Juggling jobs

A home with two people and three cats

We share our home with animals.  I know that there are people who find this horrifying.  I guess we just don't know any better, having always lived this way. There is another cat who earnestly desires to join the three under our roof, but I think we have reached our limit.  The others came into … Continue reading A home with two people and three cats