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I’m wearing a scary face today

Yesterday evening my wife was feeling a bit tired after a busy day cooking at the seniors’ residence operated by our congregation.  Therefore I went to church by myself.   Returning home a couple hours later, I drove into the garage and walked the few steps to our back door.

Let me set the scene here:  at our back door there are two steps up to a short deck, with the door to the house on the left.  Straight ahead of the step is a sloped roof  cat shelter that I built two years ago.  The distance from the edge of the deck to the front corner of the cat shelter roof is roughly equal equal to the distance from the top of my shoe to the tip of my nose.  Very roughly.  I know because I inadvertently measured it last night.

For some reason the tip of my shoe caught on the edge of the deck and I found myself flying nose first toward said cat shelter.  The front of my nose slid rapidly along the edge until I came to a sudden stop as my upper lip encountered the edge of the roof.  I have a full upper denture and the force of the impact popped it out of my mouth, causing some abrasions to the gums and roof of my mouth.  It seems I also bit the tip of my tongue.

I picked myself up, walked in the door and called for my wife, blood streaming down my face.  She brought cloths and tissues and helped me get out of my jacket.  I got cleaned up as best I could, but the wounds and abrasions were still bleeding profusely.  She thought I might need to get the wounds stitched, I thought it wasn’t that bad.  She called our son-in-law for a second opinion and he was here in a few minutes.  He looked at the mess and agreed that there was no cut deep enough to require stitches.

I went through most of a box of tissues to soak up the blood until the bleeding finally stopped.  I spent the night on a recliner, getting a few hours sleep.  I’m actually pretty much pain free today, but I am on a liquid diet.  My denture did not suffer any damage, but my mouth is too sore to wear it or to chew with the denture in.

Last night my wife thought I needed to go to the hospital emergency ward.   Today she looks at me and says I’d better not show my face in public until it heals up.  I’m inclined to agree with her.

I am thankful that God has created our bodies to be self-healing.  The healing has begun even though my face doesn’t look very attractive right now (did it ever?).

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