Stop staring at serpents!

Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay There is a mystery in the account of the fiery serpents in Numbers 21:4-9. What became of those fiery serpents after Moses made a serpent of brass and set it upon a pole? They had killed many people, but after Moses lifted up the serpent of brass we hear no more of … Continue reading Stop staring at serpents!

The quest for health

Some trust in doctors Folks today seem to accept it as fact that this life is all they have. They turn to doctors for help in staying alive as long as they can.Sometimes people blame the doctor when someone dies – it would not have happened if the doctor had done his job. People also … Continue reading The quest for health

He hath torn and he will heal

I took our little Pookie to the vet a few days ago; Pookie being our three year old Flame Point Siamese. This was a follow up visit after his latest ear infection had cleared up; the vet is trying to figure out why he so often gets these infections.  Her theory now is that it … Continue reading He hath torn and he will heal

Non-drug treatments for anxiety and depression

There was a full page ad for Nexalin in a recent edition of the Budget. This is a device which emits a low frequency electrical wave that is said to produce positive results in treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain and similar conditions. These treatments are available at some chiropractors and other alternative therapy … Continue reading Non-drug treatments for anxiety and depression

I’m wearing a scary face today

Yesterday evening my wife was feeling a bit tired after a busy day cooking at the seniors' residence operated by our congregation.  Therefore I went to church by myself.   Returning home a couple hours later, I drove into the garage and walked the few steps to our back door. Let me set the scene here:  … Continue reading I’m wearing a scary face today