Day one of my eightieth year

Image by M W from Pixabay  Another birthday, this one is number 79. That many candles on a birthday cake would set off the smoke alarm; perhaps I should feel more alarmed than I do. In my younger days I couldn't comprehend the world being able to withstand the impact when all those 9's in 1999 would rotate … Continue reading Day one of my eightieth year

I want to live until I die

Age segregation begins in schools. As schools get bigger and bigger it is more and more difficult for a child to relate to those outside her own age group. At the other end of life, retirement offers freedom, but it is freedom with no purpose. Retirees associate with other retirees and strive to keep themselves … Continue reading I want to live until I die

The genius of French

Yesterday's word from Mot du Jour, a French word of the day app, was adulescent. It is one letter short of adult, one vowel different from adolescent and describes a young adult who behaves like a teenager. Another word used in the description was quincados, which means people in their fifties who try to appear … Continue reading The genius of French

About that beard on my face

Why did I ever decide to grow hair on my face? The answer should be obvious – I didn’t. It grew all by itself, without any decision or effort on my part. That brings up another question – Why do I leave it there? The best answer is the simplest one – I decided that if God made … Continue reading About that beard on my face

Thoughts on growing old

Winter isn't much fun anymore. Neither are the really hot days of summer. Everything takes longer – even getting out of bed in the morning. It's no longer a mystery how my Dad could take a nap after dinner. I'm more concerned that my shoes be comfortable than that they be fashionable. Some of the hair … Continue reading Thoughts on growing old


My mother wasn't able to look after herself anymore and had come to live with us. One day a conversation with a visitor went like this: —How old are you? —What year is it? —Two thousand and four —Then I am ninety-six. That was my mother; she couldn't remember how old she was, but she … Continue reading Dementia

Juggling jobs

I am getting old, I call myself semi-retired, but it seems that I have more demands on my time than ever before, and I'm not at all sure that I'm managing my time wisely. I am a bookkeeper: A large part of my income is pension, but I still have five bookkeeping clients that I … Continue reading Juggling jobs