Oxford gives these definitions for pietism: 1 a a pious sentiment. b an exaggerated or affected piety. 2 (esp. as Pietism) a movement for the revival of piety in the Lutheran Church in the 17th c. Perhaps the best dictionary definition of what a pietist is is this one that I translated from le Petit … Continue reading Pietism

Do you think wisdom comes with old age?

That was the question my barber asked me yesterday. My answer was that I don’t want to believe I have wasted all 76 years of my life. I hope I have learned something from the things I have experienced. BUT – If a man would spend his whole life trying to demonstrate that he is … Continue reading Do you think wisdom comes with old age?

The problem of age

I was sitting in the food court with my 95-year-old mother. A young oriental lady rushed up to us, on the verge of tears, and wanted to meet and hold the hand of this old lady. I was startled at first, but as the young lady talked it warmed my heart to see her love … Continue reading The problem of age

Thoughts on growing old

Winter isn't much fun anymore. Neither are the really hot days of summer. Everything takes longer – even getting out of bed in the morning. It's no longer a mystery how my Dad could take a nap after dinner. I'm more concerned that my shoes be comfortable than that they be fashionable. Some of the hair … Continue reading Thoughts on growing old

Why Couldn’t I Be The Healthy One?

It was the morning after my father's funeral and my cousin Dennis and I were sitting at a table with my mother looking at old photographs. Here was a school phot from when I was in Grade 2 in a one-room school. There were two little boys in the front row, one bright-eyed, smiling and … Continue reading Why Couldn’t I Be The Healthy One?