Dispensationalism Justifies the Crucifixion – Part 1

This is the first installment of a booklet written by Philip Mauro and first published around 100 years ago.  Mr Mauro was a prominent US lawyer, who embraced dispensationalism at the beginning of his Christian life but then saw the inconsistencies in that teaching.  He wrote a number of books on the subject, which today … Continue reading Dispensationalism Justifies the Crucifixion – Part 1

Evangelical hubris

[The following paragraphs are quoted from Less Than Conquerors: How Evangelicals Entered the Twentieth Century, by Douglas W. Frank, copyright 1986 by William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company.] I suspect that the wildfire growth of premillennialism in the decades after the Civil War really represented a bold move on the part of evangelicals to recapture their … Continue reading Evangelical hubris

Dispensationalism Begins to Unravel

My new Christian friends said that they believed the Bible spoke of only one return of our Lord, at the time of the resurrection and the last judgement.  I was shocked at first, but then those niggling little doubts grew louder and louder. Isn’t that what the Scriptures appear to say, after all?  “And this … Continue reading Dispensationalism Begins to Unravel

My Introduction to Bible Prophecy

One Sunday in the fall of 1971, it was announced to the congregation of the Mennonite Church in Carman, Manitoba that bishop D.D. Klassen would be leading a Bible study on prophecy over the winter months.  I was a new Christian and of course I wanted to learn more about the Bible. Thus, each Wednesday … Continue reading My Introduction to Bible Prophecy