Fast time follies

It is generally admitted that the theoretical benefits of setting clocks to an hour earlier during the summer months have never worked out in practice. But it's a habit that's hard to kick. Kind of like smoking; many governments say the want to quit, they are going to quit, but they can't quite get themselves … Continue reading Fast time follies

Its the first day of the week….

Thank you Adam for this straightforward and Biblically sound explanation of the Sabbath.

The Weavers Shuttle


We generally think of Sunday as the last day of the “weekend”. On the calendar it is the first day of the week. It was observed by the early Christian as a day of rest and worship. It is not a “left over” from the sabbath. It is not a replacement for the Sabbath. The Old Testament sabbath was a foreshadow of the “Sabbath” we find in Christ, the Messiah, fulfilled by Jesus.

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (Exodus 20:8) is oft quoted for a reason to refrain from working and doing business on Sunday. I am unaware of any New Testament commands teaching on keeping the Sabbath. I am afraid some professing Christians are honoring the “letter of the law” but missing the “rest” that is found in Christ… the “sabbath” of our dispensation.

Sabbath; From a Hebrew word meaning…

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Why do the days go by so quickly in summer?

Here on the prairies, winter days are very short, less than 8 hours between dawn and dusk. Yet those days just seem to drag on. Now it is summer, almost a month since the summer solstice, and we still have more than 16 hours between dawn and dusk. And, being that we are on the … Continue reading Why do the days go by so quickly in summer?


Your brain has 86 billion neurons. Each neuron is linked to 10,000 others and they signal each other once every second. Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay  Now memorize those facts, you may need them some day in a game of Trivial Pursuit. Apart from that, I can’t think what useful purpose there may be in knowing about … Continue reading MIND BOGGLING

The cult of celebrity Christians

Some folks adore Christian superstars,Athletes, singers, politicians, preachers,Who profess faith in the saving blood,Seeing in them proof of Christ’s good. Some may truly be pillars of the faith.Others seem mere pretenders to the grace,And when they fall, their sins laid bare,The name of Christ is disgraced everywhere. Seek not among the high and mightyHe who … Continue reading The cult of celebrity Christians

The use and abuse of dictionaries

Some folks scrutinize the dictionary for abstruse locutions to titillate the cerebral functions of those who peruse their literary endeavours. This sentence is sticky in a negative way. Most readers will get stuck before they reach the end. That doesn't matter, the sentence doesn't have much to say. But there are people who believe that … Continue reading The use and abuse of dictionaries

What do I do now?

Saturday afternoon I did my last income tax return for this year. This morning the client called to inform me that he came down with flu-like symptoms that evening and that today he tested positive for COVID19. What does that mean for me? I used a home test kit this afternoon and it showed negative. … Continue reading What do I do now?

It’s two’sday!

Today's date, written as all Canadians used to write it (day-month-year), looks like this: 22-02-2022 But U.S. influence has crept in and prompts some of us to write it month-day-year: 02-22-2022 Having two styles of notation can be confusing, especially for days from 1-12. For instance, what day and month are meant by 09-02-2022? The … Continue reading It’s two’sday!

I am a Canadian, eh?

I am a Canadian. Je suis bien dans ma peau (that is an expression that wouldn't make any sense if translated word for word, but means I am content with what I am). For that reason: Find that little word eh, pronounced ay, to be quite useful, and much more elegant than huh? Oxford says … Continue reading I am a Canadian, eh?


An inspiring memorial from the daughter of Bill Sweeney that I want to share with all who face the loss of a loved one, or our own uncertain future. May we all know the rest that is spoken of here.
“It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart”. (Ecclesiastes 7:2)

Unshakable Hope

I know we are all wishing right now that this post was coming from Bill Sweeney, but instead, I (Lauren, his eldest daughter) will share a little post in his honor. Last year, we were celebrating one last miraculous Christmas with Bill, enjoying his invaluable presence that was still with us. He told us a few weeks before (struggling to type with his eyes) that he knew his body and lungs were shutting down and that he was ready to “throw in the towel” and say goodbye to his ALS-depreciated body.”The jig is up,” he sarcastically typed to my mom. (He would always somehow find a way to make us laugh despite the heavy circumstances.) The past several years had been a long journey of near-death experiences and fighting to stay alive with the aid of my mother right beside him.

Every day of his 24-year journey of ALS, Bill…

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