Have we forgotten what we were supposed to say?

Without going into details, we must recognize that, in the course of history, Mennonites have lost much of this missionary zeal. Without wanting to excuse this development too easily, we can offer some historical explanations. In some places (e.g. Berne) the original vigour of the movement was lost due to persecution. Elsewhere (as in Ukraine), the Mennonites accepted a compromise, promising not to try to proselytize, in exchange for the privileges they were offered. Still elsewhere, the freedom, material wealth, and general esteem that Mennonites enjoyed made them lose the awareness that they had something urgent to say to the world.

-traduit de Principes et Doctrines Mennonites, Pierre Widmer and John H. Yoder, Publications Mennonites, Montbéliard et Bruxelles, 1955.

2 thoughts on “Have we forgotten what we were supposed to say?

  1. How can we change that? How can we collectively encourage each other and ask God to show us how to witness for him? I often wonder these things, but I still feel like a failure.

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