Further thoughts on praying in Jesus’ name

I have heard individuals from a number of denominations end their prayers with “in thy name, Amen.” None of those denominations teach that this is an acceptable way of ending a prayer, so where does this phrase come from?

I have not found a clear answer to this question, but have come across the thought that it might have originated with individuals who did not want to offend someone with them by using the name of Jesus. Did they think it was less problematic to offend Jesus than someone else?

This is not meant as an accusation of those who end a prayer with “in thy name, Amen,” No doubt they feel that it sounds pious, others do it, so what could be wrong with it? I just wish they would take time to reflect a little further on what they are saying.

As Adam Weaver wrote in the post I reblogged yesterday, it is illogical to began a prayer with “Our Father” and end with “in thy name.” And it is clearly contrary to the teaching of Jesus in the 16th chapter of the gospel of John.

I'd love to hear what you think about this. Please leave a comment.

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