Travelling in the fog

One day last week I drove to a nearby town to do some work for a client and the fog was much like the picture above. I knew there must be others on this highway, ahead of me and behind me, but I could not see them. I knew there were farm sites along the highway where people lived, but they were also hidden from view. I have driven this road a thousand times or more, but I lost track of where I was, how far I had gone.

Do we live our lives that way? Is it enough to see a little ways ahead and keep on going, oblivious to what might be happening to the people around us?

In one sense it is true that we cannot see into the future. We can see just far enough ahead to know we are still on the road. But what about the people around us? Christians often talked about having our eyes fixed on Jesus, seeing Jesus, only Jesus. Is that all that Jesus wants us to see?

I rather think that if we are truly seeing Jesus the light of His presence should drive the fog away so that we can clearly see the people around us. The future is still hidden somewhere in tomorrow land. Today is what matters.

I'd love to hear what you think about this. Please leave a comment.

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