It’s two’sday!

Today’s date, written as all Canadians used to write it (day-month-year), looks like this:


But U.S. influence has crept in and prompts some of us to write it month-day-year:


Having two styles of notation can be confusing, especially for days from 1-12. For instance, what day and month are meant by 09-02-2022? The recent trend is to write the date as year-month-day:


So we now have three styles of writing the date. The third one eliminates the possibility of confusion and will no doubt prevail in the long run.

No matter how we write today’s date, it is a unique day, whose like we will never see again. Maybe the world will last for another millennium, maybe the calendar will be re-jigged so that there will be a day that is written 3033-03-33, but none of us are going to be around to see it.

I'd love to hear what you think about this. Please leave a comment.

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