Dear Church

Beautifully said. We are missing great opportunities to serve our Saviour if we expect all potential converts will come to us neatly packaged, gift-wrapped and ready to fit smoothly into our social structure.


Hello friends,

I am one of you and have been since I started tentatively on the journey eighteen years ago. It was a shy start, an uncertain start, an almost defiant start (“God, if You are there, show Yourself to me.”); but it was a beginning. That’s what’s important.

Tonight, I want to talk to you about something I’ve cared deeply about for a long time. You see, we’re all pretty good at supporting our missionaries by writing the cheques and blessing them at prayer service. We shake hands with our pastors and give them goodies at Christmas and maybe even send them a text to let them know we are praying for them. We even occasionally get BRAVE and invite our neighbours to a special service at church or hand a tract to some stranger on the street.


Many of us don’t know how to handle people who…

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