Feeling a bit groggy this morning?

Maybe you should move to Saskatchewan. We ditched Daylight Saving Time more than 50 years ago.

More and more studies are  demonstrating just how useless is this business of turning the clocks ahead one hour. It does nothing to reduce energy costs, which has been its stated purpose from the beginning.


What it does do is cause more heart attacks, strokes, accidents and depression due to sleep deprivation. Numerous studies show that tomorrow and throughout the coming week there will be a statistically significant uptick in all the unfortunate phenomena just mentioned.

Don’t listen to those who say it must be right because everybody is doing it. India, China, the Philippines and South  Africa have stopped doing it, leaving Europe and most of North America as thee main practitioners of this bizarre practice. Isn’t it time they saw the light and dropped it, too?

2 thoughts on “Feeling a bit groggy this morning?

  1. In Australia the largest population city which is on the east coast has daylight saving because of having mountains to the west which stops the afternoon sun and bringing the evening early. All other states felt pressured to do the same thing. We on the west coast did also but common sense eventually prevailed. It was a hugely vitriolic debate.

  2. Here in Saskatchewan the time zone boundary runs down the centre of the province. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, at one time each town and city could decide whether or not to go on daylight saving time. Finally it was decided to put the whole province on the same time year round. Every once in a while somebody tries to stir things up again, but common sense prevails.

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