A lesson learned



When we lived in Ontario we often visited the farmers markets in and around Kitchener-Waterloo (there were three). Then we moved to Montréal and found markets that were even more wonderful, especially the Marché Jean-Talon. Now we are back in Saskatchewan and like to visit the Saskatoon Farmers Market;  except we live out of the city and it’s only open three days a week.

Online markets have become a big business in recent years, ebay being the leader. In these online markets, like all markets, we are dealing with individual vendors, not the market itself. Most are trustworthy, but buyers need a touch of skepticism when eyeing the bargains offered.

I overruled my skeptical nature on a recent purchase. A vendor was offering WordPerfect X9  at a ridiculously low price. I was suspicious, but the vendor’s description assured that it was the full version. I have bought software at bargain prices through ebay before and been satisfied. So I bit. Dumb move.

What I got was a link to download the software,which was indeed the full version. But no serial number was given or available. So what I have is a 30 day trial version that I could have obtained free of charge from the Corel website. Upon complaining to ebay I found that their guarantee does not extend to downloaded software. I wish the exceptions to their guarantee were displayed for all to see on their website.

So I’m left holding the bag, which will soon be empty when the 30 day trial period expires. I think I’ve learned the lesson, and it really didn’t cost that much. But I still want WordPerfect X9.

One thought on “A lesson learned

  1. There is an old old adage, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. And my dad used to say sometimes you will get something cheap or free, but don’t come to expect it

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