In My Hot Little Hands

Congratulations to my wife!

Christine's Reflections

The Power of Touch

I’ve envisioned it for so long, dreamed of it, sighed over it. Procrastinated over it, too, far too much.

I’ve worked on it ever since the day I wrote a short part of it for my website, then expanded on it — and abandoned it in despair a number of times.

I’ve pushed myself to get it done, pleaded with an illustrator, hassled about the scenes, set it up, discussed it with a printer. I’ve daydreamed about being a REAL published author.

Tuesday afternoon my dream finally landed in my hands. My book. I can touch it, hold it in my hot little hands, turn the pages, sniff the printer’s ink. I study the cover, taking special note of my very own name right there at the bottom. Doesn’t everyone love to see his or her own name in print?

It’s now a wish or a…

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